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Cotton Ball Lights Polska

Black & White

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Archetypical opposites meet. Black and white, like ice and fire, like feather and diamond. Although neutral, they add depth and warmth once lit.

Warm, soft light enclosed in colourful, cotton balls... it will subtly decorate your home: window, wardrobe, table, child's bed, It will give a magical feeling to any place you put it in. You can choose exactly what you want from a choice of four different lengths of string and over 50 ball colours, giving you almost unlimited number of combinations. 

Here, you buy a Black & White set comprising of a string and balls: black and white

Choose the length and order! Each set measures 150 cm from the mains plug to the first light and the balls are 12-14cm apart.

The part of the string where the balls are placed has the following length:

10 balls set:  80cm, 
20 balls: 100 cm, 
35 balls: 185cm, 
50 balls: 260cm. 

You will get a complete set, but you need to assemble it yourself; this gives you an opportunity to play around with them, changing the order as you like. You will find the instructions with the shipment. You can also order the assembly for additional small charge.

You will find more info in the Help section.